Oh, hey... 

I started a side-project and decided to document my progress here.

Here's what I've been up to recently


This whole post will be a TL;DR: Today, I submitted 2 guest posts to sites with domain ratings of 33 and 51. One has already been published (branded a

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TL;DR: Started a guest blogging outreach campaign targeting medium-level blogs (DR around 50.) Finally hired someone to help out, training him right n

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TL;DR: Facebook took down my ads, and I really don’t know why. There was no explanation besides a link to their Advertising Policies. Finally go

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Frequently asked questions


I basically trying to grow a site and monetize it using the Amazon Affiliates model. I wrote more about it in my first log entry.

I plan to write short log entries mentioning what I've done / what I'm currently working on. Each of these shouldn't take me more than 5-10 min to write.

The project log is not meant to explain in detail how to do any of these things but I'll link to valuable resources if anyone is interested in learning about what I'm doing.

I'll write about other random stuff too in other sections of this blog, but that's mostly for fun.

Not really. No one knows about this site, so I just came up with these myself.