Solving the cookie duration issue with Amazon’s Aff Program


  • Designed a content upgrade for the post I’m promoting via FB ads (it includes aff links to increase the likelihood of receiving attribution.)
  • De-indexed my post listings page.

I’m getting a really good CPC on my FB ad (around $0.40 per click). Still have not seen any affiliate commissions come in, but I think it’s worth it to keep it going a bit longer. I plan on creating other versions of the ad tomorrow.

Amazon’s cookie duration is only 24 hours after the visit, which doesn’t seem very long. That’s why I’m more worried about solving the cookie duration problem right now than I am about the performance of the ad.

I decided to use content upgrades as a way to solve this.

I compressed the guide into a simple and attractive PDF presentation (first time using Canva – pretty cool) my visitors can download. The catch is that I included my affiliate links in there too, so if they decide to think about it and get the products later, I have a higher chance of them clicking through my links (increasing my odds at getting attribution for the sale.)

Also, I get people’s email addresses which is always a plus.

Unrelated, but I also had to de-index my site’s post listing page. Turns out that the GetLeads theme just lists the full blog posts instead of an abstract, and it does it using h1s for the post titles on the list. This produces a whole lot of h1s in a single page and could cause duplicate content issues for me in the future. I’m feeling really bad about my choice of theme now.