I’m hiring an apprentice

TL;DR: I don’t have enough time so I decided to hire someone to help. Just made the decision, haven’t hired anyone yet.

I’ve decided to hire an apprentice to help me out with the project. Few reasons why:

  • It’s cheap and a lot more things will get done. Right now, I don’t have enough time to dedicate to growing my site.
  • I took an apprenticeship program myself and it was the single most valuable thing I’ve done for my career (for reasons I’ll probably write about in another place, the log is not really for that.) I hope I can do that for someone else.
  • Things are not going great for people in my country. A lot of people have lost their jobs because of the economic crisis, so I plan to hire someone from Venezuela. I think it would be positive if I can help at least one person earn some cash in a strong currency and get marketable skills they can use to get a job outside of the country.

I have someone in mind but have not hired him yet. I talked to him over text messages and sent a proposal over email a couple of hours ago, we’ll see how it goes.