Facebook took down my ads :(


  • Facebook took down my ads, and I really don’t know why. There was no explanation besides a link to their Advertising Policies.
  • Finally got around to setting up the Facebook Pixel and AdWords remarketing tag.
  • Drafted content for an infographic and I’m interviewing a couple designers.

Facebook ads

I’ve never really liked Facebook Ads.

The advertising part of it is great. They are inexpensive, the possibilities for segmentation are far better than anything else out there, and average time spent on site for Facebook users is ridiculous.

But I’ve always found the interface for advertisers to be unintuitive, slow and buggy. Ironic, considering that’s how they make their money.

Today, I saw that the CPC on my campaign had gone down ($0.30) so I decided to invest a bit more and put up another version of my ad.

About 30 minutes later, I received a notification that my ad was not approved, and my live ad was paused as well.

Now I have to wait for them to get back to me.

Will try out guestographics for link building

I’m planning to run a link building campaign using a combination of Brian Dean’s guestographics process and the outreach framework described by the guys from Authority Hacker.

Already came up with an infographic topic, drafted the content, wrote design specifications, and I’m interviewing a couple of designers.

About prioritization

I probably should’ve set up remarketing pixels way back. However, I feel like this whole idea of getting things perfect before visitors arrive at my site is flawed.

Why would I do things that don’t help me drive traffic when what I need is traffic? I’d rather do things that solve my immediate needs first and then fix what’s broken along the way.

That’s why I waited until yesterday to create my first content upgrade and until today to set up remarketing pixels/tags.

I still sometimes find myself doing some stupid tasks that don’t matter right now, but I try to avoid that.