Growing Twitter

TL;DR: Automated a bunch of tasks to grow the site’s Twitter account.

I put up a graph that plots Twitter followers and following vs time but had not had time to explain why.

I recently took Nat Eliason and Justin Mares’ online course on how to become a technical marketer and thought it was pretty cool. In there, there is a whole section about creating a Python app hosted on Heroku that can automatically perform tasks to grow a Twitter account.

I’ve noticed a bunch of companies in my niche (consumer teach) also leverage social media to drive traffic. Even though this is mostly an SEO game, I think it’s better to not put all your eggs in one basket. Plus, if I wait to build a social media presence from scratch later on, I’ll regret not having started sooner.

So, because I figured I could automate most of this and still work mostly on SEO stuff, I went for it. It took me about 2-3 hours total to learn and set all of this up.

I mostly use my Twitter app to:

  • Follow groups of people every day. Since my Twitter account is starting from scratch, I’m only following 30 accounts per day at this point but I plan to increase that as the account grows.
  • Follow back people who follow my account.
  • Batch unfollow people who don’t follow me back. This one is not automated, I actually run it manually once a week. You’ll notice when that happens on the graph.
    • This is behavior for unfollows is not ideal, but it’ll do for now. I plan to figure out a way to unfollow people based on cohorts. For example: unfollow them if they don’t follow me back after 5 days of me following them.

I use a combination of Google Sheets, Zapier, and Buffer to:

  • Schedule evergreen tweets about the content on my site.

I use Quuu, Zapier, and Buffer to:

  • Schedule relevant content about the niche from other sources. Since Quuu only sends content in English, I use Zapier to translate the tweets – the translation is not of the greatest quality, but it’s good enough and saves me a lot of time.