More link building

This whole post will be a TL;DR:

  • Today, I submitted 2 guest posts to sites with domain ratings of 33 and 51. One has already been published (branded anchor text linking to my homepage) and the other one will be published on Wednesday (exact match anchor linking to my drones review page.)
  • I expect to publish another 2 posts (this time linking to my smartwatches page with non-exact match anchors) on another couple of sites with domain ratings of 41 and 42 over the next couple of weeks. I’m a bit concerned about being too aggressive building links, so I’m trying to spread out the publish dates.
  • My freelance designer has finished my infographic and I plan to teach my apprentice how to run the outreach campaign for it.
  • I will write more content today and tomorrow and continue doing outreach, so I can have content that’s already good to go once people accept my proposals.

P.S. I’m happy to see the slope of my Twitter followers become a bit steeper.

P.P.S. I’m ashamed to say my Spanish writing skills were a bit rusty, but it’s amazing how much doing something regularly can dramatically improve your results in a short period of time.