Segmentation Experiment

TL;DR: Published a new post on “The best gadgets for first time mothers” and set up a FB ad campaign for it.

I was reading The Boron Letters a few weeks ago. A whole chapter of it is dedicated to how to segment consumers for mail-order ads.

It was pretty cool to learn just how specific ads could be decades ago. Gary Halbert did with traditional marketing what other people only started even imagining when digital marketing became a thing: he drew very specific segments and ran data-driven experiments on these segments. Hell, he was even able to estimate and then verify the exact ROI of his marketing investments.

This was in 1984.

Now I realize just how lazy most traditional marketers were/are. It was just easier to use the “marketing is an art” excuse than to actually figure stuff out.

But I digress…

I got an idea to not only use categories where there is relevant volume but to try out the intersection of these:

  1. Categories with relevant volume
  2. Categories with consumers who typically spend a lot of money
  3. Categories that are deeply tied to a relevant life event

What did I come up with?

First-time expecting mothers and first-time parents.

(I still can’t figure out if I’m a terrible person because of this.)

I asked my freelance writer to work on this post a couple of weeks ago and just got it today.

It took me about 1 hour and a half to upload it to WordPress, format it, add images, and add the affiliate links. What a pain in the ass – I really need to do something about this.

Decided to test getting traffic via Facebook ads (which allowed me to target this very specific segment so easily, it’s actually scary.) Didn’t set up any fancy stuff like split testing ads or anything, just want to see how this performs for a day or two before investing time on that.

Sidenote: it looks like I found an apprentice. I’ll probably kick things off with him this weekend.