Starting to hustle hard


  • Started a guest blogging outreach campaign targeting medium-level blogs (DR around 50.)
  • Finally hired someone to help out, training him right now but I hope to see results soon.
  • Facebook still sucks.


Time to get hustling

My affiliate site’s traffic has been flat for too long and it’s driving me crazy. This blog is being effective at keeping myself accountable—I hate seeing those pathetic graphs on the homepage.

(Not that what’s been going on in my country has helped my productivity, but I’ve realized that I’m not really accomplishing anything by maniacally checking Twitter. From now on, as long as I know that my family is safe, I’ll try to focus on doing valuable stuff.)

I also hired someone to help out part-time. It’ll be interesting to see the results of effectively doubling the amount of work being done towards growing the site. I still need to train him but I hope that, in a month or two, we can get to a point in which he has enough knowledge to generate as much or more value than me.

Link building

I’ve noticed that a bunch of blogs in Spanish are open to guest blogging and people using that as a way to build links as long as they provide value, so I started an outreach campaign targeting a bunch of these. The lowest DR of these is 46 and the highest is 60, so a pretty good group. I plan to write these posts myself to establish my reputation and use that as a reference for future campaigns. I’ll build branded links to my homepage using my posts on these sites.

As for links to my product-review pages (those that contain Amazon affiliate links), I struck a content partnership deal with a couple of Venezuelan media sites. My freelance writer is already working on the content.

I also hired a designer who is working on an infographic which I’ll use for a different outreach campaign – one that I want my apprentice/intern to run.

On a sorta different topic, I’m interested in structuring my site’s content in silos around each main niche and link internally, but that’ll have to come a bit later.

Facebook sucks

My personal ad account was disabled fo-eh-vah. Here’s what they sent.

I created a new account Facebook business account for my new site. That one got disabled as well but at least not for life – I appealed the decision and I’m waiting for an answer.

Maybe I’ll get myself banned from Twitter too

Still doing the same thing, just not happy with a growth of ~5 followers per day. I picked up the number of people I’ll follow to 100 per day—a bit risky but whatevs, the worst the could do is ban me for life, and it’s not like that hasn’t happened to me already.

I might add Twitter traffic to my tracking graph.